December Update 2019

Posted on: Wed Dec 4 by Tom Barlow

Dear Guardians

Our steering group met this week to discuss our forthcoming actions with the Election and Christmas pending!

The Steering Group

So, you are aware this group is made up of five members: –

  • Andrew Wright
  • Christine Parker
  • David Parker
  • Laura Greenall
  • Tom Barlow

The Working Group

This group is currently made up of 18 guardians including the group above.

It’s the role of the working group to help organise and deliver the actions which where outlined in previous updates and will be available to view on the website.


We have a total of 155 guardians registered at present, if you have got this email, then there is no need for you to register on the website as your details have been transferred.

Recent Activity

Template Letters

Firstly, thank you to those of you who copied the letter templates and sent them to your Cllrs or the Council Leader our feedback is that your letters are having an impact, hopefully Cllrs are getting an itch that they can’t help but scratch.

Please see attached another template, again to be personalised and sent off to your Cllrs.

It is also advisable for you to rename the documents before you send them off, if the council get lots with the same title, they may well find a way to block or junk them!

This is the first of two letters who’s topics are connected and sequential, so they can be sent separately, but relate to the same subject, we are sure that the Cllrs will be delighted to receive your letters at this time of goodwill and peace to all men, etc etc!

We also have more template letters ready for the new year, to send out to both Blackpool Cllrs and to the trustees of Blackpool Victoria Teaching Hospital Trust.

Supermarket Sweep

We have confirmed with Blackpool Council that no licence is needed to distribute leaflets on private property, but we are having difficulties in getting permission from the supermarkets to distribute leaflets on their premises.

Despite the fact that there is a very busy period coming up, which will mean the supermarkets will have lots of patrons, we can’t afford to rush the process.

As such we have decided to delay this approach until the New Year.

This decision was made because we felt that many people will be distracted with the Election and are busy getting ready for the festive season!

Doing this allows us to concentrate our minds, exercise our political leanings and enjoy the festive season.

First proofs of leaflets, pull ups, and vinyl banners have been provided, but these are massive files so near impossible to send out by email, so we are trying to work out how to circulate for your comments, so watch this space.

Future Meetings

We agreed to set the dates for future Open Meetings on the last Thursday of each month, although we may have some meetings on a Saturday afternoon just to add some variety, confirmed dates and agendas will appear on the website.

Along with the meeting where we are hoping to have guest speakers on various related topics, also there may be some form of event or entertainment.

This will include the establishing of a 200 Fundraising Club, members will contribute a set amount to the club each month and 50% of contributions will be paid out in a prize draw. The draw will be live during the meeting with five winners each month.

Details of how the club operates, and application forms will be posted on the website.

The Website

The website is up and running although it still needs work and were sure the content will improve over time!

To access the site just press ctrl and return on the link above, or type: – into the URL-line of your computer.

Using search can be frustrating because the word Blackpool brings up loads of council sites and our site is way down the list!

If you have any ideas that would improve the site, you can simply use the contact page on the site to send them through?

Anything to discuss just get in touch?

“Bingle Jells’s to you All”