Golfers Demise Feb 2021

Posted on: Fri Feb 19 by Tom Barlow

Having been contacted by several members of Blackpool Park Golf Club, Blackpool Open Green Spaces is concerned that Blackpool Council and Holmes Investment Properties combined are about to decimate an area of significant local heritage, starting in September 2021.

Blackpool Council provided the following information to Blackpool Evening Gazette today 19th Feb 2021.

It seems the end of August will see the closure of the 18-hole course regardless of the outcome of the planning application and proposed redevelopment.

(From the 1st of September 2021 the course will operate nine holes utilizing a combination of holes across the site whilst works are undertaken on the course with the new 9-holes that will remain being in operation during the 2022-2023 season.)

It is somewhat surprising that it is Blackpool Council who are making these statements and not the developer, it’s as if Blackpool Council are Holmes Investment Properties Ltd Marketing Agents!

We understand that the golfers were notified by Stanley Park Golf Course Ltd when they circulated a message to golf contract holders. Informing them that the contracts for 2021 will only be issued until the 31st of August 2021, which suggest that it will be at this stage that HIP start to decimate this land.

The proposed development by Holmes Investment Properties has little or no value to the residents of Blackpool, so it is incredulous that they should be allowed to even put a spade in the ground until such time as they have completed a full and extensive EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) and submitted some form of planning application in support of their development, and until these processes have been completed, and residents have been given the information, and properly consulted, the land should remain unviolated.

The proposed changes to the land West of East Park Drive, fall within the Stanley Park Conservation Area so any changes to the topography of this land can only be subject to rigorous planning and conservation scrutiny.

In 2019 during meetings with Blackpool Council, and HIP we were told that the development would NOT go ahead until such time as the planning process was completed, but it appears that Blackpool Council are now going back on their word. The haste with which Blackpool Council plan to push through any planning application can only suggest that they intend to intervene and in some way fast track the normal planning process, on behalf of HIP!

By appropriating the land adjacent to Victoria Hospital Blackpool Council have already robbed Blackpool residents of a significant area of public open space, now they intend to destroy what remains of this part of Blackpool’s local heritage going back nearly 100 years.