Update 1

Posted on: Tue Oct 1 by Tom Barlow

 The Result of the Petition Meeting 

Many thanks to those of you who attended the meeting on Wednesday last week at the Town Hall, where the Full Council considered the petition and our request to reconsider the plan to develop the land to the east of East Park Drive. 

The Labour majority were well prepared for the meeting and managed to avoid having any meaningful debate by moving to a motion to reject the petition out of hand, following a vote which as they have the most seats was never in doubt. (21Yes – 17 No) 

The Gazette reported on the meeting: – 


You can still watch the meeting online at: – 


(When this opens at first it looks like nothings working but if you click on the bottom and the timeline appears, you can scroll along this until the pictures start to appear, and then you will find the section on the petition.) 

Although the petition was defeated, the margin in the voting was very close, these are the councillors who voted YES and rejected the petition. 

So, you know who are responsible if this land is lost to the developers! 

On the other hand, despite their frustration at the way the meeting was manipulated those on the opposition benches spoke well in support of the petition, Cllr Tony Williams, Cllr Paul Galley, Cllr Don Clapham, Cllr Jason Roberts, Cllr Danny Scott, and Cllr Gary Coleman. 

It was hoped that this debate may shed more light on exactly what the developers are planning but its clear that neither they nor the council are ready to show their hand. 

Planning and Consultation 

This of course was just a first of many opportunities which we will be taking advantage of in the future in order to derail this process, selecting the best courses of action still remain speculative until such time as either the council or the developers provide more detail on just what they intend to do with this land. 

Find out more at the next meeting on the 7th October (see flyer below). 

Please feel free to share the flyer with friends, neighbours, and colleagues at work?