Update 10 (15th June 2020)

Posted on: Mon Jun 15 by Tom Barlow

Dear Guardians

Thank you so much to all those who took the trouble to comment on the scoping documents for the proposals for Stanley Park Golf Course in Blackpool. There were 391 comments, 390 of whom were objecting!!

 Please note: the scoping document for the EIA should be considered carefully (apparently it is still open for comment!).

The proposals do not consider the Stanley Park Golf Course site as a whole and it has been split into 4 sections for planning – a) Adrenalin building and go karts, b) the holiday lodges, c) the west side of the course, and d) the golf clubhouse and car park.

It’s unclear as to why this has been done, it could be a confusing situation as planning processes are carried out and it’s hard to not see this as strategic!!

A few people have since also asked for some clarification on the planning processes to follow as there are a lot of documents, some overly complex and not very easy to understand.

To clarify then:

  1. Prior to drawing up their final plans, the developer must first draw up some initial outline proposals and commission an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) from an external body; in this case Iceni Projects Limited (on behalf of UKAP (Blackpool) Limited, a company set up by HIP)
  • Iceni Projects Ltd has submitted a formal request for opinion on their proposed scope for the necessary EIA (i.e. what it should include) and that is the document that 391 people have commented on to date. Whilst this is not the planning application itself it is a very important stage in the planning process and an important opportunity for you to influence what follows.
  • Next, taking into account the comments received from the public and from invited consultees (which are also available to read on the webpage) Iceni Projects Ltd will refine and carry out their plan for the EIA; saying what, when and how they are going to assess. They will have to demonstrate consideration for all the issues raised in the comments and give a strong rationale for ignoring any of them.
  • The findings and recommendations from that EIA will be given to UKAP (Blackpool) Ltd – the developer – who will then draw up their detailed planning application, which must incorporate all the recommendations from the EIA.
  • The detailed, final plan will then be submitted to the Council’s Planning Committee. At this stage, the plan should become public knowledge and there will be further opportunity to comment/object.
  • If the Council or the Planning Committee feel the plan is too contentious, they may request that the Secretary of State ‘calls it in’ for a decision. This would involve a planning inspector investigation, but the final decision is that of the SoS and the downside is that there would be no facility to appeal.

Some people have also been asking where our 2 MPs, Scott Benton and Paul Maynard, are in all this. They have been very opposed to this development on FB, and Scott has attended the protests. You’ll see that Scott also put a comment on the council planning page, but it has been made ‘unavailable’ now!

We believe that the MPs have been drafted onto the Council Executive as part of the arrangements for managing through the Covid19 pandemic. If this is correct – the good news is they will have a say in the planning process!!