Update 15 March 2021

Posted on: Wed Mar 3 by Tom Barlow

What the Papers Say.

Well, it must be true because we read it in the paper!

The recent article in the Blackpool Gazette and on-line @ Lancashire Live would have you believe that the jobs done, and the development will be going ahead on the First of September.

Nothing could be further from the truth, to date, HIP have not completed the Environmental Impact Assessment, (EIA) and because this is a costly and time-consuming part of the process it presents a significant hurdle for HIP, which needs to be completed before the planning application can proceed.

We are slightly restricted until such time as we have the details of the Planning Application, but what we must ensure does not happen is to allow Blackpool Council to separate the development into bite size chunks, in effect allowing HIP to manipulate the system, so we are being vigilant.

Stanley Park – Volunteers Required (See contact details at the end of the update)

March 29th lock down measures relaxed: –

People will be allowed to meet outside, either with one other household or within the “rule of six”, including in private gardens.

This relaxation now allows us to express and share our concerns regarding this development, so we are looking for volunteers to man campaign events within and around Stanley Park through the month of April.

If we get enough volunteers, then this is what we are proposing.

Weekends in April (weather permitting)

We intend to have a pop-up stand in the park near the Café.

The stand will be manned by two volunteers, working on a morning and afternoon rota max of three hours per rota, 10am -1pm and 1pm until 3pm.

The stand will have banners and leaflets and cards which residents can pick up and take away along with a scan code for mobile phones.


If you are taking your daily exercise then why not walk around and through the park, and whist you are getting your daily exercise, and perhaps give a leaflet or campaign card to others in the Park?

Leaflet Distribution

With over 65,000 households in Blackpool, this can only be done with a targeted approach, starting with those Wards surrounding Stanley Park, so we have drawn up a list of streets in the four areas which surround Stanley Park, the intention is to leaflet around 10,000 address’s in this vicinity.

A letter to residents will explain details of the campaign, along with a window poster, which we hope households will put on display in a prominent window of their homes.

This approach will allow us to explain the issues, direct traffic to the website, and point out the role of their Ward Councillor in this fiasco, remember in less than 24 months your councillor will be once again touting for your vote!

By using this approach, we hope to boost the number of guardians from the current 375, to over 2,500.

Formal Action – Planning Consultants

HIP have indicated that they intend to make a planning application in May 2021, and complete this process by 31st August 2021, which in planning terms appears to be more than optimistic.

One of our guardians has been in touch to say they have regular contact with several Planning Consultants who will be able to advise on how best to oppose any planning application that HIP choose to submit, however if this goes formal the advice will come at a cost!

Another guardian wishes to help the campaign by offering advice and guidance on regeneration and environmental issues, having over 30 years’ experience in local government.

Funding Request

The fact is all these activities will come at a cost, and right now we have no funding to speak of.

So, this is an appeal to you the guardians to get us started by contributing to the campaign.

It must be stated that we would not wish to ask for any funding unless we have a specific purpose in mind for the money, in this case as outlined above. The main cost being the leaflet printing and distribution. We estimate that to buy the items we need to take the campaign forward we need a starting figure of around £3,000 and up to £5,000 pounds. Which is achievable if each guardian were to contribute between £10 to £15.

Contributions can be made by completing the form at the bottom of the Support Us Page of the website. https://www.blackpoolgreenspaces.co.uk/support/

Volunteer Registration

If your happy to help us with either the campaign stand in the Park, or by taking your walk around the Park and spreading the word.

Please use the form on the contact us page of the website: – https://www.blackpoolgreenspaces.co.uk/contact/

Tell us how you would like to get involved, and we will be back in touch.

All volunteers will be kited out with a Hi Vis campaign Bib/Vest, which will be printed with our logo and strap line, and a scan code, and/or alternatively a ID badge and lanyard the choice will be yours.

If you have any alternative suggestions on how you may be able to help spread the word, please just get in touch, bearing in mind we are already active on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are a member of your local area chat or friends group, why not circulate a link to our website?

Many thanks Again for your support

Keep in touch and stay safe.


Tom Barlow

BOG’s Steering Group Chair