Update 19 January 2022

Posted on: Sat Jan 22 by Tom Barlow

Dear Guardians

Just to say a big thank you to all those Guardians who were able to attend the consultation events or have completed the on-line survey, and a warm welcome to all our new Guardians who have signed up in recent days.

The UKAP Consultation Closed – 21st January 2022

By the time you read this update the survey will have closed, but it is not your last chance to have your say, once the planning application is submitted you will be able to provide further feedback on Blackpool Councils planning portal.

Its not clear as yet if UKAP will publish the outcome of this consultation, but they will be using it to pick holes in our campaign to save this green space.

UKAP – We Will Listen

Is the message from UKAP, along with an acknowledgement that this development is very unpopular with residents, for a wide variety of reasons, with they say, the main objection being the loss of open space?

Mr Simmonds says that they intend to open up this space making it more usable in the future, we are not quite sure how building lodges and a pay to use leisure facility will provide more green open space, or free access when the activity centre, the golf, and the lodges will only be accessible if you can afford to pay for them?

Your Responses

A massive thank you to all of you who sent in your comments about this process, we have collated some of your feedback which can be found on the website under updates title – Consultation Feedback Jan 2022, thanks to Neill and Mandy for their contributions, in the form of very methodical documents which asks many of the relevant questions.


Also, many thanks to Gina (Gene) Woods who has set up a new petition, which currently has over 500 signatures, This new petition has been circulated by Christine Parker to all those who signed the original petition back in 2020, which had over 2,700 local signatures, and over 8,000 worldwide! Good luck Gina we are looking forward to the results.

Click here to open – www.change.org/p/gorverment-stanley-park-golf-course

Thanks to Laura in Stanley Ward, there is also a quite a lot of conversation on the Next-Door Pages.

Click here to open – https://nextdoor.co.uk/pages/stanley-park-news/recommendations/

It’s a marathon not a sprint

Remember this is only an initial skirmish, the real fights have yet to come!

Ensuring we present a strong and reasoned argument when the planning consultation gets underway.

Then informing and winning over the majority of Blackpool residents and getting them to object to this development at the planning stage.

Friends of Stanley Park and Salisbury Woodland

I make no apologies for asking you again to join this group.

We want to encourage all our guardians to sign up as members, because other than the golf course the woodland is the area most affected by this development, and we believe that by supporting them we will be able to influence not just this development but any future threats to the Stanley Park in general.


Joining the group also opens up access to a whole range of other interest groups, and they put on a range of great events within the Park, and the Park may become central in our future plans for public meetings and protests, as events return as the  covid restrictions are lifted.



Pete Boggs