Update 9

Posted on: Wed Jun 3 by Tom Barlow

Dear Guardians

1/       COVID-19

Our last update in April identified that 9,875 individuals had died in hospital from this virus, as of the 31st May 2020, and the number across all reported deaths has increased to 39,128 in the UK, and naturally our sympathies and thoughts are with all those families and their loved ones.

In Blackpool, a total of 186 have died on the Fylde Coast, and Blackpool has an R Number at 1.6 rating, well over the recommended .7 to .9 which is suggested as a manageable level.

While we halted the campaign as a matter of respect and morality, it has become clear that Blackpool Council and HIP have been pressing ahead with their development plans! (No real surprise there then!)

2/ Development Projects

Appointed by HIP, ICINI Projects, have undertaken a scoping report for Blackpool Council in relation to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the golf course, with focus on the land to the east of east park drive.

This 62-page report can be found on the Blackpool Planning website,


Under: –        Documents/Supporting Information

Access to the site will be from Woodside Drive, close to the existing roundabout at the entrance to the Zoo.

Mapping of the land shows that the main area of the development (shaded) is for the Adrenaline World building and associated parking and access, with the right-hand block being allocated for the 250 lodges.

This is somewhat surprising as this puts the main building project right adjacent to the Hospital Cardiac Unit.

This is not the planning application, but a scoping of what environmental reports would be required in any EIA that would accompany a planning application, but it strongly suggests what we can expect from any planning application.

From the detail, HIP intend to argue that the existence of the Zoo, Herons Reach Hotel, and the Model Village suggest that this area is already disposed to leisure use and by default their development!

3/ Appropriation Outcome

These actions ideally should have been guided by the outcome of the appropriation notices, and consideration given to any objections which were raised as part of this process.

Unsurprisingly, although Blackpool have found time to progress the scoping documents, and planning applications for the development on behalf of HIP, they have failed to respond to the objections received in relation to the notices of appropriation, as posted in the Gazette which closed on the 19th March some 10 weeks ago.

As such we have written to Blackpool Council with a request for an explanation, yet without reply!

It needs to remembered that Nick Gerrard a senior manager working at the council, is working as liaison between Blackpool Council, and HIP, he’s their gateway to ensuring this development gets an easy ride through the council procedures, at the same time there is no equivalent officer who is available to liaise with those who wish to challenge this development!

“The CE of Blackpool Council Neil Jack has stated in his letters of response that we are an annoying minority who should keep quiet and let them get on with this development without further disruption!”

Yet they continue to ignore residents’ councillors, and MPs, who have had the nerve to object to this development.

4/ The Scoping Document

This is the start of a planning process, for the development of the land that is described as STANLEY PARK GOLF COURSE.

This full planning is for the development of the Adrenaline World development as identified in the blue and red blocks below, which sites the building right next to the VH cardiac unit.

Further Outline Planning Applications are anticipated, firstly for the development of the 250 lodges, and finally for the changes to the golf course and development of the, club house.

They have taken this divide and conquer approach in the hope you will not notice as the plans slip through unchallenged. This development cannot be viewed in bite size chunks, any change will affect the whole area, sitting as it does in a vital green corridor within the central area of Blackpool.

4/ Resistance is Futile (Or is it?)

We would ask you again to contact your councillors and make a complaint about the failure of the council to properly complete the appropriation process, and about the planning application. No specifics just yet just make your feelings known about loosing this land to any kind of development.

Also, and this is important make sure you comment on the lack of community consultation and transparency!

Go on the Planning Portal Comments


This is the statement from planning concerning objections to this application.

All representations will be taken into account, but it should be noted that this is a technical request for a formal opinion relating to the scope of the Environmental Statement that will be submitted with the planning application, and so all comments will be considered in this context.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to influence what happens in your community!

When you make your comment on the site you will only get the one opportunity, you cannot make multiple individual objections so make yours count!

If you household has several members, then each can comment.

Its worth typing out your objection in a word document and then when your happy with the content, copy and paste it into the comments box.

We would suggest that these are some of the key topics: –

  1. The suspect methodology being adopted to the planning process
  2. The lack of green space in Blackpool

2.      Significant Traffic issues

3.      The Stanley Park conservation area as a whole entity

4.      Stanley Park should have listed status, not just the West Side

5.      There is no landscaping plan for the site

6.      The Protection of wildlife and fauna.

7.      The buffer zone between Adrenalin World and Salisbury Woodland is clearly inadequate.

If you go on to the Planning site to object you can see that there are already around 50 objections, and they are worth while reading through and selecting those you feel are of most important to you?

The Blackpool Council Blue and Green Policy may also offer up some contradictions that you want to comment on?


Some of the comments on Facebook may also help.


In this case it’s about the quality of the objections not the quantity so please be clear about your objections and point out what’s most important to you.

There is a time limit on responding to this document issue date 18th May 2020, with a reply time scale of 21 days, so objections need to be in by Sunday next 7th June, so get your retaliation in first!

We will be sending out further updates in the next few days.

Keep the Faith

Pete Boggs

BOG’s Steering Group