Update No 12 September 2020

Posted on: Fri Sep 11 by Tom Barlow


If you are not up to speed with this, then please see the last update on the website for the background behind the appropriation of this land, and other matters.

The essence of this is that the appropriation of this land should now go to a vote at the next full council meeting which we understand will be the 30th Sept 2020.

If the voting goes along party lines, this appropriation will be passed, with the Labour group of 23, all remaining Cllrs being 19 in number so just a majority of 4.

So, if we can influence just a few of the Labour Group to do the right thing and vote with their conscience rather than be dominated by the party hierarchy, then stopping this appropriation will be possible.

Also, we need to thank those Councillors who have supported our campaign so far and ask our MPs to write in and request that the appropriation be refused.

Do not forget Blackpool Council Officers are relying on the apathy of residents to do nothing and let this process sail through without challenge.

“We need get more people involved, and make their voices heard?”

Ask your relatives friends neighbours workmates to sign up to the website

Or visit the Facebook page.


Please circulate via your own social media, by text or messenger, and post on your favorite local chat rooms!

It is important we have more Blackpool Residents signing up to the campaign, as this carries more weight with the Council, when objections come from those who pay their council tax to Blackpool!

So please we need you to contact your councillor before the next meeting and let them know that you do not want this land appropriated, ask that it remains as Green Open Space, for now, and into the future?

NOT SURE who your Cllrs are then just go to: –


Pop in your post code and whoosh your Cllr’s will appear, click on there picture for their contact details, email, telephone, and surgery details?

If you are not a Blackpool resident there is nothing stopping you contacting any Cllr, and expressing your views, we would though suggest you contact those Cllrs whose wards surround the Area, as listed below: –

Clifton, Tyldesley, Talbot, Brunswick, Layton, and Park wards.

(Both Marton Ward Cllrs are opposed to the appropriation.)

 These Councillors are in favour of Appropriation of the land: –

3BrooksHawes SideLabour
8ChritchelyHawes SideLabour

So, what is the argument against this appropriation?


There is no alternative to the appropriation and the development of the land?

Council Officers have through their reporting to the executive and to various committees not given the Cllrs all the facts, it is the Cllrs responsibility to ask questions of the officers and not just accept the reports on face value.

In this case Blackpool Council has never attempted to appropriate an area of land on this scale, appropriation is normally used to overcome difficulties or obstructions to planning issues on a much smaller scale.

In a case such as this proper process would have seen a full and comprehensive consultation before undertaking any procurement.

As no such process was used the result is a single option, yet there remains an opportunity to reverse the process and consult properly with Blackpool residents on the future of the site.

The Land is no longer needed for its present use?

Since lockdown, the golf course has seen a significant increase in patronage, it has proven to be a significant public asset.

Even before lockdown the course was used daily by many of those who paid for and used the 12-month contract which they pay for each April.

In addition, the recent publicity about the land has seen an increase in the numbers using it for alternative leisure pursuits.

HIP will invest £42 Million on the site.

Since the procurement in 2019 the investment market is on its knees, hardest hit of all is the leisure industry, and although staycation may be the new buzz word it’s unlikely that the demographic family groups, that this theme park hopes to attract, are most likely those, who will be hardest hit by downturn in the economy, job losses and the ever increasing cost of living.

The Facility loses over £200,000 per year.

The recent improvements to the course have seen the numbers using the facility increase, yet the Council have gifted the current income to HIP, who have been given an operating licence to Stanley Park Golf Course Ltd, without any income in return so all the fees since March 2020 have gone into the companies pocket, and the council have reaped no benefit from the current increase in patronage, and revenue.

Blackpool Council rejected a plan that would provide over £650, 000 over the next ten years, and at the same time increase the community benefits of the facility.

These Cllrs are opposed to the appropriation of the land: –

3CoxSquires GateCons
8Scott DWarbreckCons
9Scott MWarbreckCons
10Scott RGreenlandsCons
12WalshSquires GateCons
16Coleman DMartonIndependents
17Coleman GBrunswickIndependents
18Callow MNorbreckIndependents
19Callow PNorbreckIndependents

We need to thank these Cllrs and ask for their continued support and ask them to lobby the labour Cllrs who are willing to listen to reason regarding this issue.

Also encourage them to ensure they are in the chamber when the voting goes ahead.

Scott Benton MP and Paul Maynard MP

Have both given strong support to the campaign so far, and it would not go astray if you contact them and thank them for their support, and ask them to contact the Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive requesting that this appropriation be set aside and alternative uses for the land be considered.

https://www.scottbenton.org.uk/             https://www.paulmaynard.co.uk/news   

Thank you all: –       Stay Safe and “Keep the Faith”