Update No 18 – Dec 2021

Posted on: Tue Dec 14 by Tom Barlow

Public Consultation January 2022

Dear Guardians

Firstly, and in the spirit of Christmas, all at BOG’s would like to wish you all the best for the forthcoming festive period. We send you wishes of peace love and happiness.

The Consultation Launch


Media Consultants UK-Networks on behalf of HIP have circulated details of the public consultation for the development of the land known as Stanley Park Golf Course.

They have notified all Blackpool Councillors, and have circulated 1,800 letters to Blackpool residents, and it is presumed that this is to properties surrounding the development.

Although there is nothing new here, it’s the same news dressed in new clothes, the website pages highlight all the positive aspects of this development from HIP perspective. The overall message creates a picture of an attractive leisure offering for visitors to Blackpool, and also paints a rosy picture for any would be investors.

It fails though to demonstrate what the benefits to residents will be?

You will see that they intend to hold three public events to promote this development, two at the Village Hotel East Park Drive Blackpool, On Wednesday 12th January 2022 2pm -7pm then on the 13th January 10am – 2pm.

There will also be a pop-up event in Blackpool Town Centre.

Completing the Survey

Although this is a tick box exercise, this process is important to UKAP, as it sets the scene for their planning application and the full planning consultation.

They will also expect to take the positives comments from the survey and put a great spin on these. Then they will review any objections and prepare their arguments to dispel any negativity

As it stands it looks like anyone can complete a survey, and they could also complete multiple entries? So how valid the result will be is unsure?

The survey is very short only three questions, and in completing it you are asked to provide your post code, but this is not compulsory.

We would advise that you read through the whole of the website and pick out those issues which are of greatest concern to you and then you have some options: –

Don’t complete the survey, remember how Blackpool Council dismissed over 800 letters of complaint as 0.06% of the population, well would this not equally apply to very low response rates to this survey?

Complete the survey but do not complete any of the pop-up comment boxes, and answer NO to the final question “Do you support the plans?”

Or complete the survey as you best feel able, with the arguments you feel are valid.

It’s a marathon not a sprint

Remember this is only an initial skirmish, the real fights have yet to come!

Ensuring we present a strong and reasoned argument when the planning consultation gets underway.

Then informing and winning over the majority of Blackpool residents and getting them to object to this development at the planning stage.

Friends of Stanley Park and Salisbury Woodland

We want to encourage all our guardians to sign up as members of this group, because other than the golf course the woodland is the area most affected by this development, and we believe that by supporting them we will be able to influence not just this development but any future threats to the Stanley Park in general. http://www.friendsofstanleypark.org.uk/joinus.html

Joining the group also opens up access to a whole range of other interest groups, and they put on a range of great events within the park, for example: –

Christmas Carols at Stanley Park 1pm Sunday 19th Dec 2021 http://www.friendsofstanleypark.org.uk/events.html


Pete Bogs