Posted on: Thu Mar 5 by Tom Barlow

Blackpool council have agreed to dispose of council-owned land, which is currently designated as public open space. They are contracting with an investment company (HIP) who plan to build leisure facilities and lodges on the eastern part of the Stanley Park Golf Course.

A petition raised over 8,000 signatures opposed to this development but was thrown out by the council last year.

Investigations into the track record of the individuals concerned within the development company have raised some alarms around the riskiness of this proposed contractual arrangement.

Complaints about the procurement process and the lack of transparency in decision making processes within the council have been refuted.

The latest news is that 3 public notices appeared in the Gazette, on Thursday 27th February 2020.

They propose a short lease initially to run the golf course, whilst they get a planning application for development processed. Once any planning application has been approved, HIP will get a longer-term lease (potentially 175yrs) and start building.

That means the public open space and the golf course between the hospital and the Salisbury Woodland will be lost forever!

The council must be seen to undertake a consultation process, allowing people the opportunity to object. You can object to any, or all, of these notices as you see fit. It does not stipulate where you must live to be able to object.


These are the council’s notices, which can be accessed via this link

Notice 1 relates to the proposed disposal of the east and the west side of the golf course for use as a golf course. The council proposes to initially dispose of the east and west side on a short-term lease followed by a longer lease of the west side of the course.    Despite much protestation, this is the lease the council are ready to sign imminently with Holmes Investment Properties, for the running of the 18 hole course for (possibly) 1 year.
Notice 2 relates to the proposed appropriation of the east side of the golf course to planning purposes. The council proposes to change the purpose for which it holds the land to planning purposes in anticipation of the development proposed on the east side of the site.  This is a process for the council to change the designated use of the public open space between the Hospital and Salisbury Woodlands – to make it building land. Once it’s gone…it’s gone FOREVER! Probably the most crucial issue to protest about right now.  
In the event that the proposals set out in Notice 2 are approved, Notice 3 relates to the proposed disposal of the east side of the golf course by way of leases for use for a proposed leisure/lodge development.  The current proposal is for 250 holiday lodges (with all the facilities this will require, such as roads and parking, shops etc) and a large ‘Adrenaline World’ leisure facility tourist attraction. However, once the designation of the land has been changed, HIP can apply for planning permission to build pretty much anything that they think they can get through.  


Any representations or objections must be made in writing and

must be received by the council before 5pm on March 19th, 2020.

If you do write to the council, we are not confident that they will tell us truthfully how many objections they received.  So, it would be useful if you could inform the Blackpool Open Green Spaces campaign group as well. That way we can keep a tally ourselves.

At the start of your letter, add ref: Stanley Park Golf Course

Whatever issues and reasons you feel are important and want to state in your objection (there are some examples later in this document), we would advise that you also clearly state in your letter that you object to all 3 notices because they are all interlinked and interdependent.

Address your letter to:

Growth and Prosperity Team

Communications & Regeneration Directorate

Blackpool Council; PO Box 11; Town Hall; Blackpool; FY1 1NB

As mentioned earlier, it would be helpful if we could keep a tally of objections, but we also must comply with data protection regulations. So, if you are happy to do so, please: –

  • Post your letter to/drop it off at:  Green Spaces, c/o Blackpool Park Golf Club, North Park Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8LS, in a sealed envelope.

We will count them and ensure they get to the council office prior to the deadline.


  • Send your letter directly to the council and then email us to inform us you have done so, giving also the date it went. Email:

Alternatively, you could inform us here. However, you object and whatever you want to object to – the council must receive your letter (or email) by 5pm on March 19th 2020 so please allow plenty of time.


The likely impact of the change of designation on this land will be: –

  • the loss of one of the few public and peaceful green spaces available to people
  • a very significant increase in traffic congestion on an already busy commuter route
  • the potentially devastating impact on emergency ambulances; passenger transport; hospital visitors
  • increased air pollution and noise pollution around the hospital
  • loss of another habitat and feeding ground for wildlife in this and the surrounding areas
  • the loss of trees that we need to fight climate change
  • the loss of a beautiful and historic sporting landscape in the town
  • increased tourism in a residential area
  • diversion of tourists away from tourist areas with an impact on existing businesses
  • the loss of yet another asset being sold off very cheaply; council-owned land belongs to the town, not the councillors, and there will be very little left.

So, if you feel that the council should not be doing this, you can register objections to whatever issues you feel are important, you may perhaps have identified additional issues that are not listed above.

If you want to know more and sign up for updates, please go to our webpages at here